Established in 2006, SolidGoldFX is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We specialize in manufacturing handmade, high quality guitar effects pedals and we really love what we do! We are fully commitment to providing our customers and dealers with unbeatable service and no-nonsense pedal designs focusing on quality, tone, innovative features and unique silk-screened artwork.

SolidGoldFX offers a full-range product line including boosts, buffers, drives and fuzz pedals, as well as modulation and time based effects, that is always growing with exciting new products. Our newest pedals are the Apollo, an original tap tempo phaser loaded with features, and a fresh redesign of our Stutterbox optical trem, which now also sports our tap tempo controller. All of our pedals are hand made right in our own shop and feature selected, full-sized components; no tiny surface mount resistors or capacitors here. Guitar gear that is designed and built like guitar gear should be! Our integrity and reputation are never to be compromised and our pedals are built to rock, hope you enjoy!