Custom Made Pedal Boards by Pedalshark  

We stock 3 Sizes of Boards.  We can build any size board you would want. To have one custom built,the current lead time is 3-4 weeks.
contact our custom shop  HERE  or call (619) 895-7725.  

We specialize in making custom sized pedalboards. Everything is made to order. Only the finest quality materials are used in the production of our boards. No corners are cut. The cases are made from 5 ply marine ply A grade Birch with a top ply of glass composite. The same adhesive used in our plywood is the same used in the marine industry. Our cases & boards can withstand the harshest elements. Our glass composite will not crack in the cold or blister in the heat like ABS, which is the most widely used material in flight cases. The interior of the case is carpeted and lined with 1" high density foam.  

The board itself can be made from 3/8” 7-Ply marine ply A grade Baltic Birch or ½” 9-ply marine ply A Grade Baltic Birch with a glass composite top. We normally do not carpet our boards, but it is available if you choose. Over time, carpet fails from constant use.additionally, carpet attracts dust, which is bad for electronics.You can apply Velcro where you need it and when the loop starts to fail, it can be removed from the board and replaced (instead of having to try to re-carpet the whole board). All hardware is ATA rated. We use tongue and groove aluminum extrusions. Additionally, We use rivets instead of staples. Using rivets means that your case is repairable! A case with staples is much more difficult to repair if something fails. Of course everything is Made in the USA!  

Below are examples of a few options & features. Click on the image to enlarge it. We can make any size board you want. To order Contact our custom shop  HERE  or call (619) 895-7725.









          Tier on the left                                        Tier on the right





            Tier in the center                                     No Tier




 Tongue & groove Aluminum                 Spring Loaded Handle


 Locking Latches                              Lined with 1" high density foam & carpet



 5 non skid rubber feet on bottom    Wheel(installed on top of case)Optional